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Understand and speak

Imperfect Español

while having fun
at any


Every  single human being speaks Imperfect

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Why do we do this?

We think Learning streaks without a real world application are a waste of YOUR time and should not happen today.

Everybody should experience the long-lasting fulfillment of communicating with a new culture, without the pain.

We use 10% of our Revenue to provide Fee Natural English to non-English students, because:


No English = Less Income



It's true, check the stats, No-English in a sub-developed economy represents an income gap of at least 40%.

Duolingo streak bad.PNG

We train your


your ears

We  use guided immersion

and never use studio-recordings

How does it work?
how is this different?

learn like a 2-year young

Food experiences 

We design and offer: Programs, tools and Experiences



Alejandro Berea  |

Head Strategist and Founder

who is behind all this?

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