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and order tah-cohs

A Spanish
Slang Masterclass

A Real-Life Spanish phonetics crash course that will get you speaking confidently and understanding real Latino Spanish conversations


At the end, you will:

A glimpse of the program:

  • understand those amazing Spanish-speaking roofers, builders, chefs and other professionals around you

  • get a Spanish that sounds right

  • Watch and understand shows, interviews and...

  • humanely connect with new cultures

  • Dominate the Spanish vowels, and consonants as they sound in Spanish (91% of these sounds DO NOT EXIST in English)

  • Get a package of survival phrases (as actually used by Latinos)

  • Physical phonetics of Latinos (using your lips, tongue and cheeks to learn)

How does it work?

  • Choose any 2 days of the week

  • 2 hrs / week

  • Phonetic materials included

  • Live support from instructor

  • Always fun and relaxing

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